Minecraft Replica of Code Lyoko

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What is MRCL?

MRCL is a project dedicated to building an accurate and completely playable version of the Code Lyoko universe in Minecraft, allowing for players to enjoy all the sights of both Lyoko and Kadic on Minecraft Java Edition.

Take a wander around the recreated Kadic Academy, or if you're feeling more adventurous head to the factory where you can be virtualized into the virtual worlds we have to offer; including Lyoko, the Cortex and the gameverse Volcano Sector!

MRCL features 3D assets, custom developed plugins and accurately replicated in-game builds to come as close to the real thing as possible. So what are you waiting for?

What's been done so far?

After 5 years of development MRCL has nearly hundreds of features and accomplishments, here's a small list of all we've accomplished:

  • Lore accurate Kadic Academy and Factory
  • Virtual Worlds such as the Cortex, Replikas and Lyoko; containing all 5 sectors
  • Lyoko Warrior classes, including the weapons and powers
  • Fully animated terminals, interfaces, scanners, holomap, core and supercomputer
  • Real world skates and Lyoko based Overvehicles
  • Active gameplay, including working towers and XANA attacks
  • Monsters! Including Bloks, Mantas and Creepers
  • And much more...

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Meet the Team

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